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OFFER! 4-day-stay in downtown appt. + 3 great tours: US$700   (ask us: +549 11-5773-1001)
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Only locals can convey
the essence you seek!

Come Tango with the locals

Show w/dinner, drinks, transportation (and optional beginner lessons!) are all included:

"Mild" Tango - 4hrs
(10% lessons / 90% show)

"Wild" Tango - 8hrs
(90% dancing / 10% show)

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Guided Walks

Buenos Aires Guided Tour:
See our list of daily guided walks.

Private Walks

Buenos Aires Private Tour:
This is by far the best way to experience Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires Private Tours in English, Spanish and French

Free Walks

Buenos Aires Guided Tours:
Ideal for those on a budget or/and limited time to see Buenos Aires.


DISCOVER BUENOS AIRES!  ('BA') the City of Tango awaits you!—Its unique sights and singular culture beg to be discovered!!!

Join our 2-7 hr small-group or private walks with licensed city-guides who know Buenos Aires inside out: we show its fascinating peculiarities, culture, history, architecture, landmarks (and much more!) in the fun, fact-filled way only residents can—and in crystal-clear English!

"...they are fun, engaging, knowledgeable and provide a hilarious and illuminating way to see the city that books, buses and crowded tours cannot deliver" —B. J. Claxton

We are a Government-licensed attraction    ...offered in crystal-clear English (listen to us)


Our best "Historical Walking Areas" Tours: 2 hr Florida-Recoleta "Best of BA" Historical Walk
2 hr Recoleta-Palermo "Amazing BA" Historical Walk
3 hr Plaza de Mayo-San Telmo Historical Walk
3½ hr "BA Crash Course Walk" (the essential 'musts')  New!
4 hr "BA-by-Night" Fun for all, everyday after dark
6 hr "BA-in-1-Day" Walk (The works: The relevant 90%)
"Tango Night-out" (3 flavors: Mild, Wild... or Watch)
** All tours are different: no overlap or repeats! **

"Fascinating..."    (top...)


"Put simply, this is one of the best tours I've had and I've travelled on most of the continents and seen many major cities. Guides were engaging, friendly and very knowledgable. Just the right balance of serious and silly history with a lot of local current cultural commentary thrown in. The brief stops for coffee balanced out the jammed itinerary. I highly recommend! " - -Marty M, Tripadvisor, March 7, 2015

"We did back-to-Back walking tours with the company. We have taken many walking tours throughout Europe, but this fellow was the most knowledgeable - he knew everything. Most impressive and entertaining was his stories about the interred at Recoleta Cemetery. It's generally hard to be entertained in a cemetery - but he did it." - -Cookienj, Tripadvisor, February 11, 2015

"...they speak crystal-clear English and they are fun, engaging, knowledgeable and provide a hilarious and illuminating way to see the city that books, buses and crowded tours cannot deliver. Their approach is to synthesize all about this city into short, dynamic walking tours of Buenos Aires that focus not only on mainstream historical events, but on individual narratives, culture and peculiarities." - -BJC, VA, 2009

"Fascinating! We learned about real people and through your stories were able to gain a deeper appreciation of the local culture and history. [...] It makes me mad to think about all the time we lost and the interesting stuff we surely missed walking on our own." - -R. Singh, Leeds, 2009

"Your Buenos Aires private tours are the kind of guiding I seek when traveling- -interesting, unbiased and fun! " - -J. McBride, Victoria, 2008    (more testimonials...)

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